We are not ready, and we fly.

Are we ever really ready? Have we prepared enough? Are we working with the right people? Do we have the strength to keep going, and going, and going? There is a certain privelege to the idea of being ready. You never fail if you are never ready. If we never…

5 Things That Remind Me of the Power of Humility


Silence is powerful. The kind of silence that allows for wonder and amazement. The kind of silence from which I am grateful for being delivered from saying things that will…

Lessons from the Women’s March

The March

I caught an Uber at 7:15 in the morning to go to the house of a dear friend where we were meeting to have breakfast before we headed to the National Mall for the Women’s March on Washington. The Uber driver had already taken three carloads of women to the…

What we can learn from roots and stems and blooms.

Underneath the surface.

It is easy to forget that the stuff that happens to us underneath the surface of our lives really matters, especially when we are young and invincible. Often…

On the Value of Caring and Tending

My Mother’s Mother

Playing Bridge

Granny played bridge with the same group of women for more than 50 years. I am not sure how her bridge group started. Maybe they met in church? Maybe they met as part of a military family support organization? Maybe they were high school friends? Maybe the were all daughters…

Imagine the Stories of My Family’s Irises

My family passes down irises from generation to generation.

Deep purple with a whisper of violet and a golden backbone. Their genealogy can be traced to my great-grandmother’s garden, I think. They have been fed by more than 100 years of soil and rain. For more than 100 winters they have slept in silence. They have survived the frost…

Katie Steedly Curling

Researcher. Writer. Seeker.

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